IDÆA is devoted to the study of the natural and anthropogenic changes occurring in the ecosystems of the geosphere using chemical and geochemical tools. IDÆA is focussed on the changes related to climate and those involving toxicity increases for organisms and humans. 

The research group has wide experience in applied analytical chemistry to the investigation and characterization of toxic and emerging cotnaminants in the environment and food, the interaction among materials and contaminants, and their influence in the ecotoxicty of mixtures (Trojan Horse Effect) by means of ecotoxicological and metabolomic studies.

People involved in PLAS-MED project:

Dr. Marinella Farré

Project coordinator / Principal Investigator 1

Dr. Esteban Abad

Principal Investigator 2

Dr. Marta Llorca

Project Manager / PostDoc Researcher

Dr. Manuela Ábalos


Albert Vega

Predoctoral Researcher

Dr. Diana Álvarez-Muñoz

PostDoc Researcher