ICRA is an international reference point that focuses research of the integral water cycle, hydraulic resources, water quality (in the broadest sense of the term: chemical, microbiological, ecological, etc.) and treatment and evaluation technologies and to transfer this knowledge to society and business network.

The group "Contaminants in the aquatic environment" at the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA) has 4 main research lines:

• Study of the fate of trace organic contaminants in the aquatic environment through advanced analytical techniques.

• Study of the uptake and bioaccumulation of emerging pollutants.

• Study of biotic and abiotic transformation of pollutants to better understand the processes that control their degradation in the environment.

• Evaluation of the effects of anthropogenic contaminants on ecosystems and human health. Metabolomics and other tools for risk assessment.

In the framework of the PLAS-MED project this group focuses on assessing how microplastics can modulate the effects of emerging contaminants in freshwater organisms as well as the impact on human health through the food chain.

People involved in PLAS-MED project:

Dr. Sara Rodríguez-Mozaz

Principal Investigator

(email: srodriguez@icra.cat)

Dr. Lucia Helena Santos

Postdoc Researcher (Juan de la Cierva)

(email: lhsantos@icra.cat)

Albert Serra

Predoctoral Researcher

(email: aserra@icra.cat)

José María Castaño

Predoctoral Researcher

(email: jcastano@icra.cat)

Dr. Rubén Gil Solsona

Postdoc Researcher

(email: rgil@icra.cat)